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The West Coast Avengers are a musical collective,

hip-hop group and band. From song to song we may be using original music from live instruments, synthesizers or some combination thereof. Other tracks we may be chopping samples and tracking drums. Other tracks are sparser musical combinations of guitars, synths or pianos and vocals. Some works feature most of us, some tracks just two or three. We've worked with the occasional outside collaborator and we're often down for more;

get at us. 


Born in the suburbs of the I.E., tested in the nightclubs and bars of the 626, the West Coast Avengers roam San Bernardino and Riverside counties when they're not postin' up at Sham's in Long Beach.


We bring a love of comic books, spirituality, politics and hippie culture to a blend of hip-hop we think you'll find to be a rich and unique brew.

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